sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2009

love must be forgotten.

So let's forget everything we lost, everything we don't have. Lost must be forgotten.
Let's play absolutely happiness with our new shoes, last downloaded cd, or the partying tonight. Love must be forgotten. Let's tie us to every moment-satisfaction, one after one, perfect never ending straight line of pleasure over every mess, mistake, over our loneliness every night. Because love must be forgotten.
Everyone wants the same, we all miss the same between our deep sheets tonight. Something that can be broken, something we can't control for once. Our little painfull secret every night, seems like a shame. So let's hide it inside, let's feing it never mattered, "we can live without it, we can live without it, we can live without..." until we don't hear ourselves screams.It must be forgotten, for never need to ask "why?" again.

Let's enjoy our never-trying lives. Because love MUST be forgotten.

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